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An OLX Partner is an entity or person that integrates his Inventory Management System (aka CRM) with OLX Partner APIs to publish ads on behalf of its users (our mutual clients).
Usually, is a company with a CRM available for multiple Professionals or a Professional with his own CRM system.
Students, someone that wants to try out, or some with no accurate information (like phone number), will not be approved during registration process.

First of all, take a look at the Marketplaces section, at Homepage to ensure there's available integration with the marketplace you want to integrate.
Secondly, go to the Products page, and make sure the feature you want to integrate is available.
You can also take a look at our YouTube.
Do you still want to integrate after going through all the previous steps? Great, proceed with your account registration. Don't forget to go through all the technical documentation that will be available once your account is approved.

It depends on the OLX Market target you want to integrate with.
If is Real Estate and Car Parts, YES! The same Partner API version is enabled for both markets as all our available Marketplaces, and with only one app credential, you can connect with all these marketplaces.
If OLX and Motors, NO! You need to connect individually with the specific Marketplace and request credentials.
Get start and you will be redirect to the right channel.

No! As mentioned on the Products page, some features still need to be available in some OLX Marketplaces. We’re working on getting them everywhere as soon as we can.
There are also cases where specific features are available only if the Partner owns his CRM system due to the criticality of the information being shared.

Big NO!
You can only manage content and its information from a user that authorized you to manage his content on his behind.

Yes, you can. But only for adverts posted through the API.
Before integrating with Leads, first you need to integrate the following mandatory process:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Advert Lifecycle Management
  • Webhook Notification System

OLX owns a few marketplaces worldwide, but not all have integrations through API or available integrations at all.
We support only the ones described in the Marketplaces section for European Market.
If you want to integrate with one that is not listed, we advise you to contact the marketplace directly.

No. We do not have a separate environment for testing purposes, so you must test your integration in a production environment.
For that reason, there are some rules that you need to follow, and not all registered partners are eligible to integrate with us.
Once your account is approved, make sure you consult all these rules.

No. We will not charge you for using the API itself.
However, it is required to Professional users (our mutual clients) to pay for posting the ads in the specific Marketplace.

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Please reach out to us via developer-support@olx.com

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