What APIs do we provide

Thank you for being interested in the OLX Group API. Let's get started.

What can the OLX Group RE API do?

In fact, it is not a unique API, but four. With our APIs, you have instant access to our Real Estate marketplaces, where our clients can reach thousands of users.


API High Level Diagram

Using OLX Group RE API, you can give our clients a range of features that they will be able to do using your CRM:

  • Advert Lifecycle Management - Publishing adverts is probably the main reason you're here for. You can publish, update and delete all adverts posted through the Advert API. Also, you will be able to know any status changes that can happen from the Portal side: e.g., the advert was moderated. Learn more.
  • Package Info - Using the Profile API, you can get information about the client's current package, the total number of available insertions, expiration date, and more.
  • Manage Lead - Your application can have the ability to receive leads from users in real-time.

Through the API, you also will be able to:

  • Publishing adverts with contact customization. However, the client needs to have a special package to display the consultant contact in their adverts. Make sure you always send us the consultant info (name, email, and photo), and the site will do the filter (if the end-user was that option or not in the paid package) and will display accordantly.
  • Publishing in Volume. We allow a high limit ratting to make sure that our clients can send us post, update, or delete requests, simultaneously, as many as they have to do it. So you can also allow from your side that possibility. Learn more about our Service-level agreement.
  • Webhook Notification System. Any time you send us a request, we will send you a notification after completion. For the user is critical to have all notifications displayed in the CRM, so the application user can see what to do if the request was not successfully posted. Make sure your webhook URL is prepared to send us a acknowledge notification a soon as he receives our notification. Otherwise, we will try a few times until giving up. See the below diagram.

Async API Diagram

What is required to use the API?

Did you go through all available features and you want to integrate with our API's? Please let us know by sending us an e-mail to [email protected] with all required info to create an APP or request a demo through the same e-mail.

We will send you all the necessary information to start integrating with our APIs.

What more do I need to know?

All APIs are available through REST endpoints and accept JSON as the content type for requests and corresponding responses. Each one has its version number and authentication requirements.

The generic structure for our API's endpoint is: https://api.olxgroup.com/<api>/<version>

For instance, the endpoint to manage adverts resource using the Adverts API version v1 is: https://api.olxgroup.com/advert/v1.

Check out the currently available APIs:

OAuth2Authorisation Management based on the OAuth2.0 Protocolv1/oauth
Advert APIAdvert Management Servicev1/advert
Profile APIProfile Management Servicev1/profile
Taxonomy APIUnique Resource Descriptor for Advert Characteristicsv1/taxonomy

Before starting the integration, there is an essential concept that you need to know: URNs (Uniform Resource Names). We use URNs in a lot of places in the APIs. They are used to identify Categories, Attributes, Sites, and more. You can check the Taxonomy URNs and the Supported Sites URNs, for example.

Taxonomy API is an additional API that will help you on the beginning map of all attributes for the advert category. It's super important to make sure you have mapped our taxonomy before going live. Certain parts of the taxonomy are mandatory, and your application won't be able to publish adverts without them. Furthermore, categories and attributes contribute significantly to the quality of the ads that your customers will post.