Test Account

To test the API integration you will need to have a test account. This account will be created by our team and sent to you ready to use, without any charge. But you only can publish test adverts and not real ones.



If you use this test account with the intention of publishing real adverts we will be forced to suspend your test account.

This account is a production test account, as we do not have a sandbox environment. And for that reason, I ask you especially attention in ads management.

Read carefully the rules that you need to follow into:

  1. The title needs to be in the format [qatest-mercury]-breef description so that they will not appear in our users' searches
  2. The description should include that is a test advert, and the user should not contact the agency or agent since the contact is not real
  3. The test account must have less than 5 active adverts, no need to have more than that simultaneous
  4. As well all adverts must be eliminated as soon as they are no longer useful (should not be live for more than 2 days)
    "title": "[qatest-mercury] test advert of an apartment",
    "description": "Sometimes we need to create real adverts to test the platform. Please do not send any message to this advert since this is not a real advert and not a real agency. <br/> Sorry for the inconvenience, we will try to be as quick as possible. <br/> We count on your understanding! We recommend that you use our search engine again. <br/> <br/> Good luck with your next search! ",
    "contact": {
        "name": "Test Agent",
        "phone": "918888888",
        "email": "[email protected]"

If you have any questions, please contact us using our support channel.