Primary Market errors

These errors happen when something's wrong with the publication request. Below you can find the most common situations and their respective solutions.

Cannot publish an investment ad because of the account type

When a client tries to activate an advert and the notification received in your webhook is the following error:

  "destination": "",
  "timestamp": 1594314221436,
  "event_timestamp": 1594314221436,
  "transaction_id": "6786b98a-9a63-4dd9-8404-4c040e7a1801",
  "object_id": "5d4b5cec-b613-4e2b-a23a-77412ea679a2",
  "flow": "publish_advert",
  "error_message": "Only Developer accounts can add Investments.",
  "data": {
    "detail": "Only Developer accounts can add Investments.",
    "title": "ForbiddenException",
    "validation": null
  "event_type": "advert_posted_error"


The client account does not allow them to publish investment adverts. Only developers can publish Investments.
If the client wants to publish those type of adverts, should contact directly their account manager.