Leads errors

These errors happen when something's wrong with the leads notification. Below you can find the most common situations and their respective solutions.

Receiving duplicated leads

Unfortunately, we have no way to resolve this problem. Sometimes senders click more than once in the button to send their message. It can happen when e.g they have a bad connection.

In this case, your application will receive so many notifications as the sender clicked on the send button, like the notification below:

    "data": {
        "ad_id": 9846457,
        "conversation_id": "e6e81f5260fad0da63171a69ebb90aae",
        "created_at": "2018-04-19T15:33:45+0100",
        "from": "imovirtual",
        "id": 208853314,
        "message": "This is a test message",
        "sender_name": "John Doe",
        "sender_email": "[email protected]",
        "sender_phone": 961231212,
        "uuid": "6073df05-2979-4372-a552-4c906a02a5cc"
    "destination": "https://myawesomeapp.com/webhooks",
    "event_type": "incoming_message_success",
    "flow": "incoming_message",
    "object_id": "6073df05-2979-4372-a552-4c906a02a5cc",
    "timestamp": 1524148443449,
    "event_timestamp": 1524148443549,
    "transaction_id": "b480075b-43de-11e8-a691-55a1dd521900"


In order to not display duplicate Leads to your clients, you can use the conversation_id as a unique identifier to discard duplicated notifications. That is, for the same advert all attempts have the same conversation_id .

Also, the whole conversation, about a specific advert (represented with the unique identifier: uuid), between your client and the sender will have the same conversation_id.