Request an Application

First steps before starting the integration

The RE OLX API allows your clients to manage their inventory on our supported sites in real-time. If you are not confident that we have the features you need, please request a demo session through our email: [email protected].

Register as a Developer

Before you can use the OLX Group API, you need to register as a Developer. Please use this page to do that.

Required InfoNotes
NameName and surname or company name
EmailEmail that will be used to create your account
Phone numberA phone number where we can reach you
SitesChoose one or more:
DescriptionDescribe briefly the purpose of your integration

After submitting the form, you will need to confirm the registration by clicking on the activation link sent to the email address provided.

Registering an account does not mean that you will be able to use the API, as your account must first be approved. This process may take a few days so please be patient.

Create a new application

Once your developer account is approved you can log in to your account. Open Application Manager and select the Applications tab on the left. Then click on the New Application button and fill in the form:

Required InfoDescriptionRequiredNotes
NameThe name of your applicationMandatory
URNIt will be completed automatically. In case the URN is occupied, you can change it.Mandatory
Logo Logo to be displayed on the authorization page on our Sites.OptionalFormats allowed: .png or .jpeg
Max resolution: 400x400
Min resolution: 100x100
Ratio 1:1
URLThe application's homepage URLMandatory
Authentication callback URLWithin the OAuth2 Authorisation Flow, we'll be redirecting the Application User to this Callback URLMandatory
Notification secretA string which will be used to sign the webhookOptionalA private key that will be used to create a HMAC SHA1 signature of the generated JSON content of the notification.
Notification callback URL The callback URL where you will receive webhook notificationsMandatoryThis URL must be able to respond to unauthenticated POST requests with a JSON payload such as the one in the Webhooks section. Although not required, we highly recommend that this URL is served by HTTPS.
We expect to receive a 2xx code from this URL.

For more information about check the Webhooks reference section

If the form has been completed correctly, the credentials will be automatically generated when you save the form.


Never share your application secrets

The Client ID, Client Secret, Basic Base64, and API Key that you have been given are secret information. It's very important to never share them with anyone (including committing to a repository). We recommend you to store them in private environment variables.