Advert status codes

Code is sent (when exist) on our notifications webhook, and it represents the actual status of the advert as given by the site.

You should use these statuses in your own implementation so that you can provide proper feedback to your users, as well as determine which operations you can execute. To see more which operations can be executed for each code, look at Publish Advert page.

activeThe advert was successfully created and published.
unpaidThe advert was successfully created but remains unpaid.
The advert was moderated (by a moderator or by a moderation process) and is not published.
removed_by_userThe advert was removed by the user and is not published.
removed_by_parent_adInvestments Units Only
* The advert was removed due to parent advert removal.
outdatedThe advert got expired after a given period of time and is not published.
newThe advert was successfully created but remains unpublished.
blockedThe advert is waiting to be verified by the moderator. This status can be returned after an update (PUT) to already moderated advert (code: moderated or code: removed_by_moderator).