Primary Market



Besides individual adverts, you can also publish primary market investments on our real estate verticals. An investment is not very different from a normal advert. In fact, it's pretty much the same except for a different set of attributes.


Account types

Note that in order to publish investments and units, users must be registered on the RE site with a specific "primary market" account type.

Agency account type can publish units for the primary market, but not the investments.

See here the error notification about the primary market account type.

More information can be found on:
Otodom, Imovirtual or Storia.

As the scheme below, adverts of the type urn:concept:investments are a parent advert, and under this one, you are able to publish as many units as you want. Make sure that the parent advert was successfully published before sending us the unit advert.


Investments diagram


All primary market adverts

For all primary market adverts, you need to include the market attribute set as primary. Check out advert validation rules.


Editing and deleting Primary Market adverts

As mentioned above, an investment or unit adverts are not very different from a normal advert. So, this type of adverts can be updated or deleted as the ´normal´ adverts. As explained in the respective section: Editing and deleting adverts.

This type of advert is displayed in the "investment" search page. This page is slightly different from the regular advert search page:


investments search page

Next step, see how to Publishing an investment and units.