Publish VAS

Publish VAS (Value-Added Services) Event Flow

Event flow name : publish_vas

This event flow contains events related to VAS publishing operations, also known as value-added services or promotions.


The previous system for managing promotions and notifications is deprecated and this page has been updated with the newest information. Please refer to the Applying Promotions page to get started.

Currently, there is only one available events in this flow:

Event TypeDescription
advert_vas_applied_errorThe event is triggered when there's an error when you try to apply the VAS.


This notification is emitted when there was an error while publishing the VAS in the marketplace.

Check here VAS errors, and suggestions of solutions.

  "destination": "{{webhook destination}}",
  "timestamp": 1688392214800,
  "event_timestamp": 1688392214800,
  "transaction_id": "{{transaction_id}}",
  "object_id": "{{vas_uuid}}",
  "flow": "publish_vas",
  "error_message": "Advert status doesn't allow this promotion.",
  "data": {
    "detail": "Advert status doesn't allow this promotion.",
    "title": "BadRequestException"
  "event_type": "advert_vas_applied_error"
error_messageError describes why the promotion was not successfully applied.
titleA high-level error title.
detailSame as error_message.